A Breath of Fresh Air Part I

“As human beings it seems impossible to get our heads out of our butts.
So this program concentrates on getting the buts out of our heads”


A BREATH OF FRESH AIR This is our entry level program. It is the body of knowledge
used as the foundation for any and all other ongoing work that we may do together.

The Premise: It is my belief that human beings are magnificent souls and have barriers
to the experience and expression of that magnificent way of being. The soul of human
being is imprisoned in the mind’s indwelling, inherited or acquired patterns and molds
— has identified with them — and has lost access to the freedom to experience and
express an existence full of consciousness and joy, transcendent to circumstances.

This mind is an incredibly efficient pattern recognition mechanism which is notoriously lazy.
Specifically, in its eternal quest to survive, it looks at the present and, rapidly and automatically,
says this is a former that. Our past collapses over our future. We don’t have a past; we are
used by the past. This operating condition is what I call “the monkey mind”. Monkey minds
practice monkey business.

The Promise: The promise of this part of the program is ALTITUDE. (We do not attempt to
change you. We don’t think you need changing or fixing.)

  • Instead we provide you with the ability to observe yourself.
  • The power to choose behavior / thinking rather than being run by them.
  • The power to de-identify with your inherited automatic, sub- conscious patterns — providing you with…
  • The power to eliminate any suffering in your life and transform it into an opportunity to celebrate real FREEDOM.
  • The design of the program is almost entirely experiential in nature and you will discover that it is great fun to participate in.

The Purpose of the program is to alter your ability to experience living so that life occurs as a
curriculum you are living in, and as you experience living this curriculum, and learn to simply to
be with the “what is”, things magically clear up just in the process of life itself.

The program will transform your work from “FRANTIC ACTIVITY” which is a fear based, egoist
manifestation of separateness and survival, into a state of “BEING IN ACTION”, which is a divinely
inspired, experience of oneness that makes a difference, is fun, and is financially rewarding.

Design: In addition to becoming grounded in numerous fundamental and empowering distinctions,
the design of this program allows us to explore in depth the following subjects:

  1. Quantum Principles – Where authentic creativity comes from.
  2. Quantum Mechanics – The mechanics of discovering your vision.
  3. The IVAM System – The process of translating your vision into reality.
  4. Enrollment – Inviting buy-in to your vision.
  5. Structuring for fulfillment: Who’s going to do what by when?
  6. The Quickie System – A system for disappearing problems and achieving breakthroughs.

Outcomes: You will discover a new facility to invent a vision and gracefully translate that vision into
a manifested reality. You will:

  1. Find out where you are right now.
  2. Discover how you got that way.
  3. Realize who do you have to be and what is it that you have to do now to realize your desires?
  4. See clearly what structures need to be put in place.

A VERY SPECIAL ASPECT OF THIS WORK: While we work together two phenomenons occur.
There is a transfer of very useful information and at the same time there is a transmission of a very
powerful energy. Your heart energy entrains with mine in much the same way that striking a tuning
fork will get all the tuning forks in the room with the same frequency to vibrate in unison.

This program is a unique blend of quantum physics, spirituality, and common sense

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you are seriously interested in learning more about this curriculum
and are considering enrolling I would be happy to arrange a telephone or video call with you.
This can be done through:

  • My personal email at herbtanzer@gmail.com
  • Or, by emailing me at HerbTanzer@awakenedleadershipinstitute.org
  • Or, by calling me at (760) 213-4499

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