Awakened Leadership

Our Mission Statement

To celebrate life by participating with a global team:

  • in reawakening the human spirit,
  • bringing the earth in to harmony,
  • and realigning world thought with the infinite potential of humanity.

To share in the adventure of:
Locating and connecting people, projects and resources that are a yes to:

  • health
  • wealth
  • love
  • and planetary liberation.

What I Am Up To: This is a brief synopsis of the latest expression of the technology that I have developed while working with
individuals and organizations for the past 34 years.

My business card identifies me as an organizational futurist. This means that I invent futures with people that weren’t going to
happen anyway, and then train those people in the technology of translating their visions into specific measurable realities

Given these uncertain times, the work that I offer is more than timely. Most people are threatened by uncertainty since it transports
them beyond their comfort zone into a place that may be unfamiliar and unrecognizable. In this state, confidence erodes and one’s
survival, more often than not, is threatened. “Being In Action” diminishes and “Frantic Activity” is often plunged into, in an effort to
do more, different, or better of what one has done in the past, in an attempt to survive. I think it was P.T. Barnum who said, “When
the circus comes to town this year you need a new ride. If you don’t have a new ride, paint an old one a new color.” In a desperate
search for safety we often jump on an old familiar ride.

It is time for an authentic new ride! Our curriculum is the beginning of the new ride in town. It is a space that allows people to manifest
their dreams and engage in expanded possibilities.

To Summarize: Our current curriculum consists of two programs.

“A Breath Of Fresh Air” is a two day, entry level phenomenon designed to wake you up. It will put in place the necessary fundamentals
and foundation for all the work we do with you. This program introduces you to a quantum approach to living. It can be delivered as a two
consecutive day intensive or in eight, weekly, two hour sessions. Either way, it can be delivered via GoToMeetings or in person.

“The Mastery Program” is a six month long, on the court, coaching program that produces an embodied competence. It enables you to
use what you have learned and who you have become, in your every day concerns.( Also delivered via GoToMeetings or in person).

“A Breath of Fresh Air “is designed to produce an initial awakening. “The Mastery Program” is designed to keep you awake.

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