Symptoms Of Being Awakened

Being awakened will impact every aspect of your life. In your corporate endeavors you will demonstrate a sensitive
awareness and deep appreciation for both your internal and external customers. As a community leader you will
be recognized as someone to be listened to. In your family life and all your personal relationships you will occur as
a heart based and loving soul.

1. The mind is either in the becoming or resisting mode. The mind is, in fact, constantly engaged in everything and
anything other than witnessing what is. The mind is never just witnessing. It is always resisting, trying to become
something, or craving — all of which are symptoms of lack. The Awakened one is keenly aware of what is going
on inside you, relaxes, and does not engage in the resistance, craving or becoming. You identify the little
criminal inside your head and just be here now, and witness “what is”— all the while, noticing, rather than
resisting, the mind stuff that goes on endlessly.

2. You identify your natural state of being as joy and bliss As your brain function changes during the awakening
process, you discover the freedom you are looking for. It is to, just simply, be there in the present …feel relaxed,
complete, joyous and blissful— in each present moment. Any movement away from accepting “what is” results in suffering!

3. You stop thinking there is somebody in there called “you” or “I” having a conversation about yourself, as if you were
having an internal board meeting that is designed to tell you where you are and where you need to go. The mind
constantly takes in data and gives you a conversation about what is happening, it is just the mind surviving. However,
there is not one thought going on in your brain that is you. You mistake the mind’s dialogue for who you are. You are
not your thoughts. When the mind is running you, you recognize that you have fallen back asleep and the higher
intelligence (who you really are) takes a step back.

4. Awakening is being nestled into being the witness that operates through blankness while watching the mind
caring on. You are able to use your complex life to bring you to always being the witness.
It is simple:
Become the witness.
Stay there!

5. Awakened, you recognize that to postpone what you are feeling is yet another trick of the mind’s continual need to survive. To
postpone is the height of hypocrisy. To postpone is denial of a freedom for ever. Keep in mind that moving away from the “what
is” — always causes suffering. What the mind wants is for you to not relax and just have the experience of the moment— at that
moment. What the mind suggests is not just letting go and having the experience. That is postponement. Awakened people don’t
bury there heads in the sand. They observe what is going on within. Anything fully experienced—disappears.

6. Awakened people realize there is nothing wrong with the world. The more one realizes that there is nothing wrong with
The world and that everything is wrong within one’s self, then one expands into an awakened expression of oneness. You become
aware of incomplete internal patterns that resonate with and attract situational dramas from the external world, in an attempt to
complete those internal patterns. You realize that you are attempting to run away from people and external situations rather
than handle the internal incomplete patterns. The world then becomes much less difficult and complicated to manage.

7. When you are awakened you realize that LIFE ITSELF IS RELATIONSHIPS. You are a constituent of Oneness and the
root of all problems is being emotionally stuck regarding some relationship.

8. Once awakened you realize that if you want to live an abundant, happy, synchronistic life your relationships need to be
set right. Setting it right is not about the other! Remember, life is mirroring your internal state of consciousness. (that mirroring is
the universal law of attraction in action). The work required is all internal.

9. You realize that forgiveness is essential to attain a high state of consciousness. You employ forgiveness in your daily life.

10. Awakened people recognize boredom or discontent as symptoms of falling back asleep. Your level of awakening
determines your ability to fully experience what is happening in the present moment, at the present moment. That causes joy and bliss.
Boredom/ loneliness / discontent occur as by-products of the inability to experience the what is in the present moment. There is nothing to
solve externally. No outside stimulus need be changed. Rather, you look inside to see where you are stuck and experience the stuck-ness,
and watch yourself as you are returned to the joy of being alive.

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